Straight from the experts: 4 tips for creative effective mobile video ads

While mobile is often overlooked by advertisers, we at Fetch believe that mobile video has the power to forever change the world of advertising. People today spend more time with their mobile phones than watching TV. While commercials have traditionally set the paradigm for advertising, they do not translate to the mobile screen. The small(er) screen is inherently fleeting and visually simple, so we cannot repurpose commercials and be effective on mobile. Frank Lipari and Nigel Evan Dennis (our Creative Director and Art Director, respectively) share their top four tips for creating mobile ads that the feel authentic.

1. Small(er) Screen Composition
As mobile video creators we must stay aware of the size of the device’s screen. Mobile video is a scale play, so video composition should be bold, agile and focused. We must not clutter the small(er) screen. This is why commercials aren’t effective on mobile: there is too much going on visually for the small(er) screen. All mobile videos should be tailored to the size of the device.

2. Mobile is Fleeting
People have internalized mobile as part of their personality but rarely do they spend more than a few seconds interacting with mobile web. Mobile videos must grab viewers’ attention within the first five seconds. We have found that 30-second videos show the highest conversion rate, while 15-second videos also highly effective.

3. Mobile is Personal
We should not think of mobile as a device, but as an extension of a human being. When you advertise on mobile you’re not just making an ad that fits the iPhone or Android, you’re injecting content into an individual’s flow of mobile use. How do people interact with their mobile phones throughout the day, and how can videos naturally fit into a users’ daily mobile experience? Whatever experience you create, it has to have utility for the viewer in order to be effective.

4. Quality
Mobile video can still tell a rich, authentic story despite its quickness and simplicity. It’s important for videos to have a “personality” that will resonate with viewers. Mobile users are extremely sensitive to the authenticity of ads and will quickly abandon your ad if they feel your message isn’t genuine. Mobile as a medium is quick, but that doesn’t mean ads have to feel cheap or fragmented. The challenge for marketers is to communicate a message tailored to viewers as individuals while keeping visuals beautiful and bold on the small(er) screen.

This article was written by Nikki Dance, PR & Marketing Executive on March 13, 2015.

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