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Hi there!

I’m a creative at heart with a passion for clean and elegant visuals. My favorite visual mediums are graphic design and drawing. I also believe that word craft has immense power to conjure palpable scenes in readers’ minds.

I grew up in a sunny hippy beach town called Santa Cruz. The surf, skate and psychedelic art of this vibrant surf community has inspired much of my work. In 2011 I finished my B.A. in Media Studies at UC Berkeley. After college I traveled through Australia for three months, exploring Tasmania and the quirky beach towns of the continent's eastern coast (my favorite town was Yamba). After that I moved to Crested Butte, Colorado for a winter and learned how to snowboard, be a ski bum and live in sub-zero temperatures at an altitude 9,000 feet.

I currently live in Northern California, doing freelance graphic design and illustration commissions. In my free time, I like take my dogs for a walk, travel to new places, explore restaurants and bars, sew costumes and seek out delicious coffee.

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